We at Full Circle Youth Empowerment Inc. are a team of highly trained professionals who believe in the resiliency of our youth who have therapeutic needs and have experienced many adversities in life. We strongly believe with our specialized services, the commitment of families, and the collaboration with our community providers, our youth will receive the necessary support to overcome challenges, improve their outcomes, and successfully transition into adults. We are fostering hope. We are empowering lives along their journey. We are building a community for youth to flourish.


A "thriving" community of empowered youth.

Our Motto

Preparing Youth Today for Success Tomorrow

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Our Guiding Principles


FCYE seeks to engage youth in a manner that recognizes that mental, physical, spiritual, and social health are interconnected and interrelated.


FCYE seeks to start with and build upon the skills, strengths, and positive characteristics of each youth.

Positive Youth Development

FCYE seeks to provide opportunities for youth to build a sense of competency, usefulness, belonging, and power.

Journey Oriented

FCYE seeks to interact with youth to help them understand the interconnectedness of past, present, and future as they decide where they want to go and how to get there.


FCYE seeks to recognize that most foster care youth have experienced trauma and thus build relationships, responses, and services on that knowledge.


FCYE seeks to interact with youth without labeling or judging them on the basis of background, experiences, choices, or behaviors.

Trusting Youth / Adult Relationships

FCYE seeks to build relationships by interacting with youth in an honest, dependable, authentic, caring and supportive way.


FCYE seeks to establish a principles-based, youth-focused system of support that integrates practices, procedures, and services within and across agencies, systems, and policies.


FCYE seeks to expand the perspective of youth to make them aware of their potential and life’s possibilities.


Your generous donation of money and/or time helps us build better lives for our youth who strive to be responsible, independent and self-sufficient.