Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Youth will be provided with education and awareness on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. Youth will receive critical information on identification, prevention and intervention tools and strategies that will provide support regarding the targeted population of youth.

Pen/Pencil Initiative

Juvenile Justice

The Pen or Pencil initiative is designed to influence the lives of youth at greatest risk of academic failure and potential incarceration. “Pen" stands for penitentiary and "Pencil" refers to education. This initiative is geared to helping young people make the choice for education over a life of crime by cultivating resilience through a variety of exercises and approaches. The series includes a service-learning component to apply principles learned through the program, make more responsible choices and display more responsible behavior, promote the value of education, and understand and apply citizenship.


My Life, My Choice

MLMC is a 10-session Exploitation Prevention Curriculum designed to change girl’s perceptions of the commercial sex industry, as well as build self-esteem and personal empowerment. The curriculum includes interactive activities, journaling, and is infused with the authentic testimony of survivors.