At a proliferating rate, many children and youth have entered the foster care system due to abuse and neglect. As a result, many of these youth are at an increased risk for a variety of emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic problems. They are more likely to be suspended and expelled from school, and exhibit low levels of school engagement and involvement with extracurricular activities. Due to foster care youth’s trauma and ongoing barriers and challenges, many age out of the DCF system with  limited or no support, knowledge or skills to become self-sufficient. Therefore, a high percentage of these youth become homeless, uneducated, jobless, teenage parents,  and substance abusers.  These youth also experience unaddressed mental health issues, and become involved in the criminal justice system.



Become A Youth Member


FCYE members 14 and older are passionate about engaging in enriching and fun learning opportunities in an effort to become independent and self-sufficient adults.  By participating in diverse programming, youth members improve their well-being and recognize their strengths, so they may self-direct their outcomes.

Our Approach2

Become A Mentor


FCYE encourages professional women and men to inspire our youth through after-school and mentorship programs. Our diverse mentors introduce our youth to various industries that offer countless career possibilities. As a result, our youth are more optimistic about their futures.


Become A Volunteer


Volunteers are essential to our organization's growth and it's the most common way support our youth. It can be as simple as raising awareness about an event or a one-day drop-in to facilitate a training. You can commit to volunteer weekly or monthly commitment based on your availability.


Full Circle Youth Empowerment partners with organizations that share our belief that all youth should have the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential.