Our Approach


Full Circle Youth Empowerment uses a strengths-based philosophy in all of its program. A strengths-based approach helps youth and families explore and use internal strengths (abilities, coping skills, and resilience) and external resources (family, friends, school, employers, religious affiliations and other community resources). By using this approach, clients are able to self-direct their treatment outcomes, discovering their strengths to solve the issues they face. A strengths-based perspective is not a theory, but an overarching philosophical position in which people are seen as having capabilities and resources within themselves and their social systems. When cultivated, activated and integrated with new experiences, understandings, ideas and skills, these strengths help people to reduce pain and suffering, resolve concerns and conflicts, and cope more effectively with life stressors. This contributes to an improved sense of well-being and quality of life, and higher levels of relational and social functioning. In addition, we are Advanced Behavioral Health Credentialed (ABH).

Full Circle Youth Empowerment is a youth center which offers both emergency school services which include pre-placement school service, school suspension accommodation, and an after school program. Our programs provides an array of services, programs, and supports that are designed to meet the needs of both foster care youth and community youth ages 14-20 years old. This program is for youth who have been identified as having behavioral, emotional, social, and academic challenges and thus displays difficulties in adjusting in traditional after-school settings and programs. Our Center will also offer training and support groups for parents to gain new skills for rearing difficult and at-risk youth.


Our Services

Pre/After School Program

Peer & Gender Based Groups

Community Outreach

Life Skills Program

Intervention/Prevention Trainings

Mentor Program

Educational Services


Parent Programs


Full Circle Youth Empowerment programs make a substantial impact in the lives of our youth. Your support and time allows us to equip our youth with confidence, skills, resources and positive opportunities.